Landscape Architecture

Gould hall 6 pm – 9 pm.

Week 1:

Illustrator Basics.

Download this file:

Navigation in the application: Zoom/Magnify Key commands- ctrl + and ctrl –

Preferences>User Interface to control value of interface and canvas color

All Panels can be accessed from the Window Menu.

Properties Panel is one stop shopping for the content of many other panels.

The Control is the strip interface at the top of the screen. If it is missing, go to the Window menu and check it.

Window Menu/Workspace

Hand/Pan tool   space bar
Create objects with the rectangle tool.

The ‘F’ key cycles through the three View Modes

The ‘tab’ key toggles on and off all panels and toolbars.

Layers Panel/Stacking order.
Layers Panel Menu (upper right corner of Layers Panel/Layer Options/Row Size.
Layer naming, renaming

Selection Tool (solid arrow): switch to by hitting the ‘V’ key, toggle to by holding down ctrl
Direct Selection Tool (hollow arrow): switch to by hitting the ‘A’ key

Fill and Stroke Control with Tool Bar, Stroke Panel, Control. The concept of no stroke or color.

Color Picker, Color Panel and Swatches.

The three kinds of objects/paths:

Open Paths – are lines.

Closed Paths – are shapes, the end and beginning point meet up. For control over the Fill, we need Closed Paths

Compound Paths


Cleaning up CAD output

Download mercer court

Analyzing file with the Layers Panel.  Turning off visibility for all but targeted layer. (Alt/Option click)
Selecting objects/groups by clicking in the right column of the Layers Panel

Assessing the necessity of redundant objects/artifacts of export.

Organizing objects.

Object menu/Path/Join (ctrl J) to connect open paths into closed paths.

Applying fills and strokes.

Gradient Panel, gradient swatches library exploration.

Grouping- naming groups in layers.

Clipping Masks

If Time: 

Live Paint objects, live paint bucket

Expanding live paint objects


Week 2


Incorporating raster elements.

Placing raster images.

Links Panel- managing links. Embed or Package.

Clipping Masks

Compound Clipping Masks.

Week 3

Gradient mesh objects. Mesh+clip paths

Effects/3D rotate. Perspective setting.

Alternative compositing method: Photoshop: Using layer masks to paint clip masks.

Placing resulting .psd file into Illustrator.