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tutorial: how-to-create-a-colorful-fashion-illustration-in-adobe-illustrator

University of Fashion:

Student Portal / Online library / Find By Resource / All Resources / University of Fashion / Lessons / CAD Fashion Art /
There you will find a series of tutorial videos covering Illustrator and common fashion technical drawing tasks.

Select Tool (Solid Arrow)V
Duplicate Object/GroupOption Drag with the Select Tool (Solid Arrow
Direct Selection Tool (Hollow Arrow)A
Deselect ⌘ Shift A
Free Transform Tool E
Show Rulers⌘R

Project Examples

The Designer’s Toolbox

‘Looking Room’

Scott McCloud’s big triangle, discussion of iconicity

McCloud Ted Talk

Comic Book Grammar

Creative Briefs, Project Statements, Personae

Case Study Links


How to Steal Like an Artist (and 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me)

The – brainstorming software

Semiotics for Beginners


Milton Glaser on drawing

Type based Illustrations 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Web Urbanist’ In Your (Type) face: 12 Textual Examples of Typography Art

Web Urbanist’ Archi-TYPE: 14 Buildings & Cities Made of Text’s 12 handpicked awesome typography art

su14 SP14 Wi14 Fa13 su13 sp13 wi13 Fa12 Fa12 Su12 Sp12 Wi12 Su11

Pixel Perfect


Astute Graphics: illustrator plugins

Laser Cutter Onesheet

color theory pdf

complementary color

17wi saved material from revamp